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Me and my ego

Hi, this is Joaquin’s ego talking. Today I saw you through my sister eyes, and even though Joaquin wants to be happy for you, I’m just hoping that your relationship doesn’t get to this Monday. I’m sure you think you are in love, and maybe you are, but I don’t care about you or him or your weak love.

A pesar de que en realidad sí me alegro por ti.  Te deseo lo mejor y también me alegro por él, que lo más probable haya sufrido mucho por ti.

Really? You’re pathetic Joaquin. Why should you care for someone that treated you like shit? I don’t like Range Rovers, SUVs, gray hair, gray color period. Cuba, calle Ocho, balseros and everything that reminds me of those two weeks.

Pero igual me alegro de haberte encontrado de nuevo.

What the fuck? Seriously? She played you, bitch. Some songs that you will never play again, every time you iron again you will fucking think of that day.

Fui feliz.

You were blind. She tricked everybody.

Pero su Mirada… me la creí.

She’s a con artist. Just looking for the perfect man, regardless of age, hair color, just focused on the bank account.

Sé que estás leyendo, no te preocupes por este otro que escribe. Te deseo lo mejor, de verdad.

No way, take your arrogance, your pessimism and your damn hysteria and drive somebody else crazy. Don’t ever try writing me or even think of me. Two weeks up and down with me, you really enjoyed it and you will miss it. Very soon. When your little lie with grandpa is over you will understand what you had here.



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